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Welcome to OAGB-MGB Euro MasterClass

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

just a few lines to introduce you a new teaching project in bariatric surgery, the OAGB/MGB Euro Masterclass. The project has been designed at an international level by a group of surgeons working in the southern part of Europe, especially skilled with the One anastomosis/Mini Gastric Bypass (OAGB/MGB).

Aim of this Masterclass is the correct teaching of the OAGB/MGB. This is currently the third most performed bariatric procedure worldwide, with an impressively growing trend; nevertheless performing correctly the OAGB/MGB remains of paramount importance to avoid controversial results as recently reported. The school counts on 5 teaching centers and nine international Teachers.

All attendees will be involved in the operative theatres of the nine centers at a hands on level. Also, an important faculty of invited experts will support the teaching activities with lectures, seminars, and relive video sessions. In this light, three major fields of interest regarding the OAGB/MGB have been identified:

Primary Surgery vs Other Procedures
OAGB/MGB technical variants
Revisional Surgery and Technology

The first topic will focus on OAGB/MGB performed as primary surgery. The OAGB/MGB Teachers will deeply go through indications, surgical tecnique, tips&tricks and appropriate follow-up. The results different procedures (LSG, LAGB, RYGBP, SADI-S, etc) currently provide, will be compared to large and significant OAGB/MGB series, and discussed as well. Participants will have the chance to stay in the O.R. during the surgery in order to share practical activities from the patient preparation to the end of the procedure deeply going through each single step.

The second topic will focus on the difference between OAGB/MGB in both technical variants. All aspects will be analyzed and discussed to provide a detailed image of these procedures. Participants will have the chance to attend the O.R. during surgery in order to see the two different approaches, while sharing practical activities, from patient preparation to surgery and to postop controls, going through each single step.

The last argument will focus on OAGB/MGB performed as revisional surgery following previous bariatric interventions. Bariatric restrictive procedures, especially adjustable gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy, are often followed by weight regain. In these cases OAGB/MGB has proven to be an ideal approach as redo surgery. Participants will have the chance to attend the O.R. during surgery in order to share practical activities, from patient preparation to surgery and to postop controls, going through each single step.

All the three topics are to be developed by the Teachers in three rounds of five meetings each, for a total number of fifteen teaching courses. Finally, a closing event is scheduled in Naples, Italy in June 2020.

In our opinion, this remains an excellent opportunity to learn all surgeons should know about the OAGB/MGB. We hope to find your interest.

See you all in Portugal, Italy and Israel!!!

Course Directors
Mario Musella, Miguel Carbajo, Kostas Albanopoulos, Rui Ribeiro, Nasser Sakran